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11 diciembre 2018

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7 Tips for writing your CV by Ladislao B. Site

7 Tips for writing your CV by Ladislao B. Site

When putting together your CV, some basics cannot be forgotten. These seven tips will give you a solid foundation for the task:

  1. Make it easy to understand. Use simple and clear language. When scanning the CV for the first time, recruiters spend only 6 seconds to read a CV.

  2. Check and double check, again! Use your BFF, MS Word spell check, to eliminate errors of any kind. Avoidable mistakes are a common excuse to discard weak candidates.

  3. Make it pretty and appealing. Structure your CV in different sections such as personal details, education, work experience and other skills. Be brief and include only the relevant skills or tasks performed in reverse chronological order (Please don’t mention your elementary school unless you’re applying for an Archeologist or Historian position!).

  4. Customize your CV. Change it according to the position you are applying to. Take time to research the company and establish the connection between the skills they are looking and yours.

  5. Don’t forget you are a person. In addition to career events, relevant training of any kind, you may also include hobbies, community work and motivation sources that will help recruiters learn about your soft skills, which are key to understand whether you are detail-oriented, a natural born team player or able to work well under pressure.

  6. Tell the truth. Lying is less than smart and doesn’t say much about your creativity. It may also make the interview awkward if you cannot answer a question. Focus on your strengths and on how you can best showcase them!

  7. Clear your social media  of anything that doesn’t speak highly of you. Yes, recruiters do check and keep in mind how you portray yourself digitally before you become another visible element of their own company brand.

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